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Must Read: Can Luxury Bags Be Smart Investments? Matthieu Blazy Takes Bottega Veneta in a New Direction

Plus, how the lingerie industry stays afloat in the current economy.
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These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Tuesday.

The case for making an investment in a luxury bag
Since the pandemic, demand has heightened for the most exclusive luxury bags on the resale market. Meanwhile, brands like Chanel continue to raise prices. Years ago, bags from brands other than Hermès were not considered something that could grow value over time. Nowadays, these bags are reaching higher prices at resale than the auction and consignment worlds could have expected, Tamison O'Connor reports. At The RealReal, designer bag prices are up 26% since 2019. In the United States overall, the average price for a new handbag has increased 27% in that time. {Business of Fashion}

Bottega Veneta's Matthieu Blazy is taking the brand's artistry in a new direction
For Vogue's September issue, Nathan Heller profiled the Italian house's new creative director. "When I took over the job, I sat with the team — designers, but also people at the company for 20 years — and asked ourselves a simple question: 'What is Bottega?'" he says. "'What is craft, and where does it sit in tradition? How can we bring modernity?' We didn’t talk about shape. We didn't talk about image. It was the feeling of the brand." Blazy sees Bottega Veneta as a brand known for its masterful tailoring and craftsmanship. When talking about the company's famous basket-like woven bags, he explains each bag must be hand woven so that no two are identical. "That’s luxury," Blazy says. {Vogue}

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How the lingerie industry stays afloat in the current economy
For Town & Country, Christina Binkley explains the ongoing pressure underwear brands are facing to grow revenue by figuring out what holes exist in a consumer's lingerie wardrobe. Brands are looking to make underwear that is good enough to wear as daywear. While older generations aren't buying the trend as realistic, the mood is changing with Gen Z, where an exposed bra, hot pants and even shapewear have become a regular aspect of the everyday wardrobe. Influenced by the likes of Rihanna, it is hard not to see the appeal of such freedom in wearing, basically, nothing. {Town & Country)

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