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Meet the Editors

Dhani Mau, Editor-in-Chief

Dhani Mau is the editor-in-chief (and former west coast editor) of Fashionista and is pretty lucky compared to her fellow editors because it's the only job she's ever had, unless you count interning while working part-time at Madewell during college — the discounted fruits of which still make up a decent portion of her wardrobe. She spends her free time watching "Pretty Little Liars," trying to be Sofia Coppola and cuddling with her cat, Neely O'Hara, in Los Angeles.

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Ana Colón, Deputy Editor

Ana Colón is the deputy editor at Fashionista. She previously worked at Refinery29 and Glamour. Ask her about her dogs.

Stephanie Saltzman, Beauty Director

Stephanie Saltzman is Fashionista's beauty director. She studied journalism at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and previously worked as a digital editor at Allure.

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Maura Brannigan, Editor-at-Large

Maura Brannigan is the editor-at-large at Fashionista. You may have previously recognized her byline as senior editor at Fashionista, but before that, she worked in digital at magazines like Lucky (RIP) and Marie Claire. Maura both grew up and spent her college years in Chicago, during which she: a) interned at a number of culture-focused city magazines, and b) consumed an inordinate amount of deep dish pizza. You'll often find her writing about business, retail, media and pop culture, as well as how fashion intersects all of the above.

Fawnia Soo Hoo, Contributing Editor

Fawnia Soo Hoo is a contributing editor at Fashionista and a freelance fashion, beauty and lifestyle writer. Previously, she worked in public relations and events management, but found her calling after covering (and surviving) New York City sample sales for Racked NY. Pop culture is her one true love, so she’ll always find a way to work all her favorite CW TV shows into one fashion story. She has also written for Refinery29,, and