Energy Support

Turning On Your System

Once you receive permission-to-operate (PTO) from your electric utility, Tesla will notify you that you can safely turn on your system. PTO after installation can take from one to six weeks depending on your local utility processing times. After PTO has been received, follow the steps in the video to begin generating clean energy. Real-time monitoring will be available in your Tesla app within one hour of turning on your system.

Review your system's owner documents for additional instructions.


Step 1: Locate your main electrical service panel.

Step 2: Flip on breakers labeled ‘Solar System,’ ‘PV’ or ‘Photovolatic Backfeed.’

Step 3: If equipped, flip on your external disconnect.

Step 4: Verify that the inverter's LED is flashing every five seconds.

Step 5: Download the Tesla app on your smartphone.

Step 6: Use the Tesla app to follow your energy production in real time. It may take up to an hour before production is visible.